• Camp Bowie District

One Rule to Life on The Boulevard

A traditional oasis, trendy shopping atmosphere,and holding casual eateries, Camp Bowie District contains some of Fort Worth’s most unique and locally owned vendors and businesses. As one of the most historic neighborhoods in Fort Worth, CBD relies on the members of the community to keep up the well being of the district by supporting local businesses, ensuring they continue to thrive after years of past success. The community and neighbors of CBD remain unified in a single voice, continuing to advocate for The Boulevard and its historic beauty. This unification from the district has been supported and backed by one simple concept: Live Local.

As the one simple rule to living life on The Boulevard, living local ensures you receive the best quality of merchandise and service, while supporting the local businesses in your community. From flower shops and local eateries to hip boutiques and lifestyle options, you're all set on The Boulevard. Check out some of the localities contained in Camp Bowie District today.

Live Local.

Live the Boulevard.


We get it, sometimes your furry friend needs some pampering too. While shopping for your next spot to treat your pet at, shop The Boulevards availability of pet resources. Going out of town and need to find your pet a luxurious hotel? Metro animals has the perfect pet hotel for you. Did Fido have a little too much fun in the mud? Happy K-9 Self Groomers can clean that mud right off. Has Buster outgrown his old leash already? Check out Wag's fine selection of specialty collars and leashes for the custom fit your furry friend demands. All your furry friend's needs can be handled, right on The Boulevard. Check out the hottest spots to pamper your pet at in Camp Bowie District today.

lifestyle fitness

As the world of fitness has changed and evolved over time, Camp Bowie businesses have kept up with the demand for healthy and active lifestyles. The variety of gyms, studios, and training facilities that is contained in Camp Bowie helps keep the communal lifestyle that most locals demand. The options are truly endless as the availability of fitness aspects has grown. Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Kickboxing, Dance, and Personal Training are all offered on The Boulevard, at different and unique establishments. Discover the perfect fitness aspect to add to your schedule from Camp Bowie District.

Sips and brews

Camp Bowie is well known for the unique and lively businesses that have come and gone down The Boulevard. At it's current moment, CBD holds many of Fort Worth's true dives, bars, and pubs. The drink specials and game nights are truly endless as the community surrounding Camp Bowie frequents the local bars and pubs. Catch a trivia game happening every Thursday at The Ginger Man, or hit up open mic night at Whiskey Business with Octavian and The Soundz on Monday evenings. Winslow's Wine Cafe offers the classic glass of wine, and a Wine Club offering social hour and tastings. The fun doesn't stop there, Lone Star Taps and Caps, Oscar's Pub, and The Basement Lounge also offer great drink specials and a fun time out with some friends. Stop by your local Camp Bowie dive today.

flirty fashion

Both hip and chic, the boutiques and fashion storefronts in Camp Bowie District are known to carry some of the most fashionable clothing and accessory options in Fort Worth. Truly a one stop shop, the boutiques contained in Camp Bowie hold the perfect outfit for you night out on the town, a simple day outing in The Fort, or a low-key house gift for a friend. From the upscale class of You Are Here, to the mix and match feelings you get when you walk into Beehive, The Boulevard has the hottest boutique shops. Looking for that perfect purple outfit for TCU game day? Our boutiques excel at fitting into The Fort's demanded styles and colors, with lots of purple for football season. Hale House or PS The Letter is the perfect stop for all your game day needs. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming sales and pop-ups occurring at all The Boulevard's hottest boutiques.

good eats

Camp Bowie holds many of Fort Worth's oldest and most popular restaurants, showing off both the historic nature it holds, and the delicious eatery atmosphere. The Blue Bonnet Bakery, Roy Pope Grocery, Kincaid’s and The Original Mexican Eats Café opened their doors on Arlington Heights Boulevard between the 1920’s and the 1940’s and still remain in business under the same or similar name. Newer establishments like Michael's Cuisine, and Winslow's Wine Cafe hold the same unique qualities, just without the history on The Boulevard. Classic and casual, our eateries keep our locals coming back for more. Branch out and explore the restaurants that have grown successful in Camp Bowie, and discover why many have lots to say about the delicious and wonderful eateries contained in the district.

plants + greens

Camp Bowie is blessed to have multiple flower shops and outdoor gardening options, unique to Fort Worth. Gordon Boswell Flowers, Blossoms on The Bricks, and the Enchanted Florist all hold amazingly beautiful and elegant flower arrangements for all different occasions. The styles, colors, and floral all differ from shop to shop. Don't have a need for a formal flower arrangement? Check out Into the Garden for garden acessories and Archie's Gardenland for all your indoor or outdoor gardening and landscaping. Archie's can handle almost all your landscaping and outdoor planting needs, and offers advice of all kinds to get you started. Welcome green to the neighborhood with all of Camp Bowie's flower and garden shops.

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