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Ultimate Fitness Guide to Camp Bowie

Camp Bowie today is a welcoming, tree-lined corridor with charming pocket parks, trendy unique shops, and casual dining spots of all sorts. Stretching over nine miles from the Fort Worth Cultural District to Highway 820, the district holds an ample amount of up and coming trendy lifestyle options for all.

As the world of fitness has changed and evolved over time, Camp Bowie businesses have kept up with the demand for healthy and active lifestyles. The variety of gyms, studios, and training facilities that is contained in Camp Bowie helps keep the communal lifestyle that most locals demand. Play, eat, live The Boulevard.

Discover the perfect fitness aspect to add to your schedule from Camp Bowie District.


Yoga is on an upward trend right now due to its ability to physically, mentally, and spiritually condition your body in ways other forms of fitness don't. The styles of yoga are endless as each unique style uncovers a different aspect of the working body. Th benefits of yoga can clearly be seen through increased flexibility, athletic performance, and an overall improved respiration, energy and vitality. Get the full body workout your looking for with one of Camp Bowie's yoga studios. Catch a break from your old ways, and discover your new passion for yoga.

Barre + Pilates

Maybe yoga just isn't for you. Try out something similar with an approach like Barre or Pilates, still getting your full body workout. Inspired by ballet, a Barre workout uses a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training. To bring on the burn, Barre might use hand weights in some classes for a more intense workout. Pilates can either be mat or machine based, two separate workouts at different levels of fitness. Pilates differs in the body movements, and improves abdominal endurance, flexibility, and balance.No fitness background is needed for a concept like Pilates.


(High Intensity Interval Training)

Ready to HIT the gym? High intensity interval training can be used to lose fat, and to stay lean and conditioned while adding muscle, or to improve aerobic endurance. There typically tends to be a work-to-rest ratio during a H.I.I.T workout. The work-to-rest ratio can vary from 1:1 (for example, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) to 1:4 or more. Despite how long you take a rest for, the goal of a H.I.I.T workout is to give every interval your everything. H.I.I.T can take the form of a lot of different workout, as long as an internal based time frame is built into it. Cardio, bike, and weights are all used in H.I.I.T workouts.

Personal Training

Maybe personal training is the right answer for your fitness needs and desires. Check out Camp Bowie's fitness trainers, and everything they can offer you. Stay motivated with goals and constructive feedback, while maintaining the right support to keep you on track with fitness. Do you have any personal goals? A personal trainer will help you get to those goals, and hopefully exceed your previous expectations. Private or group training, the choice is yours in Camp Bowie District.

The Outdoors

of Camp Bowie

Fitness doesn't have to be excruciatingly hard. Sometimes a simple bike ride is the perfect answer after a long day. Take a ride down The Boulevard and enjoy the historic corridor that Camp Bowie continues to show off. Don't have a bike? That's okay. Bike share across Cowtown with BCycle. Stop by one BCycle's Camp Bowie locations and check out the perfect bike for your ride. Download their free app first to find the nearest location to you.

Keep it simple one day, and check out Lone Star Walking + Running Co.'s Wednesday Night Social Run. Every Wednesday evening people from all over Camp Bowie meet at Lone Star Running at 6:30 PM for a fun social walk or run. A 3.8 mile loop, the trail allows both walkers and runners plenty of accessible space. All levels are encourgaed and welcome to join the party. Stop by after the run for good company and a cold beer.

Check out the Camp Bowie BCyle locations:

955 Montgomery St. Ft. Worth, TX 76107

1000 Van Cliburn Way Ft. Worth, TX 76107

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