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Historic Connell Baptist Church Turns 95 Years Old

Another historic milestone along Camp Bowie Boulevard reflects the decades of preservation the 100+ year old corridor continues to advocate for. Today Connell Baptist still stands tall at 95 years old, with its doors always open to faces- new or returning, people- young or old.

The original establishment of Arlington Heights Baptist

In January of 1924 Connell Baptist first opened its doors, residing in the Arlington Heights High School auditorium. With names such as Staley, Leonard, Connell, and Stradley, the Arlington Heights Baptist Church was formed. Reverend T.E Shelton was called as the first pastor over the newly established church, where the church's membership reached over 250 enrollments in just a few short years.

The church was renamed in 1929 to G.H Connell Memorial Baptist Church, after G.H Connell, an extraordinary man of faith and vision, who passed away. In 1945 it was shortened to its current day name, Connell Baptist Church. Years later in 1951, the church was expanded with a new sanctuary, and in 1960, an education building.

The congregation at Connell Baptist continued to grow, peaking in 1958 with over 1,488 active members. As the years went by, the church only evolved more with their outreach to the surrounding communities. From the high school auditorium, to a Camp Bowie storefront, to the Masonic lodge, and finally to the current present location at 4736 Bryce Avenue, the church holds rich history.

4736 Bryce Ave.

Fort Worth, Texas

(817) 732-3321

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