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Rob Sell, Luxury Home Buyer From V Fine Homes Talks Timeless Beauty and Exceptional Craftsmanship

As a Fort Worth favorite luxury home builder, V Fine Homes is diligent about making the design and construction process a truly rewarding experience for every client they encounter. A one-stop shop, V Fine Homes is a full-service architecture, construction and interior design firm, that is staffed with licensed architectural and design professionals who are able to partner with you from beginning inspiration to final completion. Their commitment to architectural integrity, timeless character, understated elegance, uncompromising service, and constant improvement is steadfast and serves as their guidepost on every project.

We sat down with President & Co-founder Rob Sell to get the details behind the creative works they put in place in the housing industry.

Where did your love for design and architecture come from?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been intrigued with the built environment and had a love for great buildings. I grew up in a beautiful 1920’s neighborhood which nurtured this instinct from an early age.

How did you get started in this industry?

My first job out of college was selling HUD foreclosures in Austin— I quickly realized how impoverished of well designed houses the outer suburbs were, so I sought employment with a production builder in Austin to learn about building and development, hoping to find an opportunity to do it in a better way.

What is your background in design and architecture?

At the University of Texas, I majored in English but I took some really fun architecture courses. I have no formal training in design but I have always had a great love for architecture. In my 23 years of building and developing in Fort Worth, design has always been the central focus. I’ve had the privilege of working with several talented architects and designers, and have formed the habit of studying and observing the works of my favorite architects of yesteryear— such as Edwin Lutyens, David Adler, George Washington Smith, and John Staub to name a few— and adapting their techniques in our own projects.

Why did you create V Fine Homes?

In 2005 my former partner in Village Homes, Michael Dike and I were developing Four Oaks Lane on the old Leonard estate just a few blocks north of Camp Bowie. The lots had tremendous views and were quite expensive. While Village Homes was building really nice projects, we topped out at a house price that was less expensive than the price of the lots we were selling. We needed a new brand that would enable us to build houses of the caliber that the most expensive lots in Fort Worth would require. So we formed V Fine Homes.

What does V Fine Homes specialize in?

V Fine Homes specializes in designing and building houses of timeless beauty and exceptional craftsmanship, which enrich the built environment and the lives of our clients.

What sets V Fine homes apart from other architects and designers?

There are many talented people doing great work here, which is a good thing for Fort Worth. One thing that sets us apart is our design- build approach. By directing both the design and construction of a project, we are able to maintain artistic control from the initial napkin sketch to final completion, which ensures the best outcome. Another practical benefit is that our clients don’t have to mediate between the architect and contractor, when problems arise. Lastly, because we build what we design, we are able to better forecast project budgets and keep them on course.

What other information would you like to share with Camp Bowie followers?

Camp Bowie Boulevard is one of Fort Worth’s distinctive gems. It’s my favorite thoroughfare. It’s the commercial spinal chord for so many great neighborhoods and it’s beautiful red bricks and broad median connect it aesthetically to our city’s great history. To keep it strong, we need to make it a point to do as much business as we can on the Boulevard and promote the beautification and preservation of the things which make it unique.

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