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Camp Bowie is known for its shopping and dining, but did you know that there are also five amazing parks tucked inside The District? Camp Bowie's pocket parks are the perfect escape and family getaway to enjoy the outdoors right off of The Boulevard. 

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Veterans Memorial Park

The memorial park sits on the former location of the 36th Infantry Division of the Army’s Camp Bowie. The noteworthy statement of the park, the bronze Duty large centerpiece is a memorial of World War I, depicting a solider caring on his wounded fellow solider.

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Earth Fountain Park

Earth Fountain is a nine-foot orb carved from granite by artist Philippe Klinefelter. The sculpture, is located in a traffic triangle known as Byers Green. Carved out of a single, 30-ton block of Texas Sunset Red granite, the sculpture echoes the color of the Thurber brick used to pave Camp Bowie Blvd.


Wright Tarleton Park

Wright-Tarlton Park is a small pocket park that sits right off The Boulevard, accompanied by a single tennis court, children’s playground, and small walking path. The park was named for Terese “Terry” Tarlton Hersey, a women who made conservation her life’s work

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Sanguinet Park

This park sits right off The Boulevard, behind the Boulevard Heights Transition School. On-site there is playground equipment for different ages, a merry-go-ground, and great climbing structures. On the opposite side of the park sits a green space featuring sitting benches, and a small walking trail. 


Z Bonz Dog Park

Z Bonz is a ten-acre, fully-irrigated park built on the former Z. Boaz Golf Course. The park has 10 acres of land for your dog to run around and make new friends. With sections for big and small dogs, shelters, ponds, agility items, and fountains, it is a dream destination for any pup.

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