To maintain and enhance the historic corridor known as Camp Bowie District to affect economic success for its merchants and businesses which will result in a thriving and sustainable district.


Camp Bowie District Inc, is a private, member-funded non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing Camp Bowie Boulevard, and its surrounding side streets. A membership structure was created to allow merchants and businesses to participate and display their commitment to the area. Members of Camp Bowie District benefit from marketing assets such as dedicated social media and other marketing efforts to further the historic corridor. 


In addition, CBD’s efforts and initiatives include the promotion, advancement and education provided to members, merchants, customers and residents of the immediate areas. The many improvements have led Camp Bowie District to become a premier corridor for shopping, dining, and everyday lifestyle options.


CLEAN: Our goal is to preserve the aesthetic presentation of Camp Bowie Boulevard. We are committed to keeping a clean environment for our property owners, businesses & customers. The District has implemented a liter-abatement crew & schedule to keep the medians & public right-of-ways free of trash.

GREEN: The medians and public right-of-ways are maintained and preserved year-round with landscaping. In each of the segments you will find trees and/or rose bushes filling the center medians. We actively work with the City of Fort Worth and TXDot to maintain the upkeep of these areas and to add beauty through capital improvement projects. We have hired an independent landscaping crew that attends to all the green spaces throughout, and ensures The Boulevard stays beautiful.

SAFE: Creating a safe environment for business to thrive is a priority to the organization. Camp Bowie is committed to providing additional security sweeps and working with Fort Worth Police to troubleshoot problem areas. Each week off-duty patrol shifts are paid for by CBDistrict to provide additional coverage to the 6-mile stretch. 

ADVOCACY: Camp Bowie is here for the businesses who reside in the district We want to unify our resources and be a voice their behalf. Marketing initiatives and publicity are a focus of the organization, and we are creating a voice through social media, public relations, events and digital outreach. Advocating for our members is one of our biggest priorities.



Camp Bowie District is a private sector, not-for-profit public improvement district created in October 2000 by the commercial property owners to revitalize Camp Bowie Boulevard. Their improvement efforts have included infrastructure improvements, the implementation of beautification projects (including tree planting and landscaping), hosting special events (including the Camp Bowie Fall Festival + Makers Market & The Annual Meeting) and serving as an advocate for all development.


Contracted with the City of Fort Worth as the manager of Public Improvement District No. 19 (PID 19), property owners pay an additional property tax in order to increase economic vitality and redevelopment along the Boulevard. Today, PID 19 extends from University to Lackland Road and includes portions of West 7th Street, Byers and Lovell. 


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