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Dog Days of Summer: Good Boy Vs. Good Girl

Have a Howling Good Time at the Dog Park

Good Boy: On a sunny day, your good boy would love to get out his energy, and there is no place like ZBonz Dog Park! With sections for big and small dogs, shelters, ponds, agility items, and fountains, it is a dream destination for any furry guy!

Good Girl: A pocket park provides great exercise for your furry friend's needs, it is sure to provide her the perfect opportunity to socialize and make new friends. We recommend Sanguinet Park, which features sitting benches, and a small walking trail, it’s the perfect spot to take your "lady" for a little walk while you enjoy the views of the historic Boulevard. Stop by 5100 El Campo Ave. to enjoy a day on the town with your fur baby!

Scrub a Dub in the Tub

Good Boy: After a fun morning splashing around in the pond and rolling in the dirt, it’s time for your four-legged friend to clean up before heading out for the rest of the day’s activities. Stop by Metro Animals to get your pooch looking handsome again!

Good Girl: A long walk around Sanguinet Park is sure to tire out your companion. Let her relax and unwind at Happy K9. Their team is sure to pamper her with a bath and grooming, and don't forget a pretty bow as a finishing touch! She is sure to leave feeling like a million bucks!

Run Some "Errands"

Good Boy: It’s almost time for lunch, but first you will want to stop by one of the two Hollywood Feed locations on Camp Bowie to pick up all-natural healthy food for your dog. A guy has got to eat!

Good Girl: Looking for something extra to spoil your pup? Check out the selection of collars, accessories, dog beds, toys, and more! We love the plush bed she is lounging in!

Chow Down

Good Boy: Let fido chow down on the patio, while you enjoy a tasty burger at The Meat Board. He will love a glimpse at the glass case of premium steaks, which look good enough to make anyone drool! Don't forget to give him a little sample of the quality meat.

Good Girl: There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants on Camp Bowie to choose from, so you two can enjoy some great food and sunshine. No matter what you’re craving, there is a spot on the Boulevard to eat lunch outside and bring Sugar along. We recommend Winslow's Wine Cafe!

Treat Yourself

Good Boy: After an eventful day, it is time to head home with one happy dog! Finish the day off right, stop at Boulevard of Greens on the way home to grab a bag of Bocce Dog Treats with spinach, kale, apples, mint, spirulina, and flax seeds.

Good Girl: Treat your pup after a long day out and about at Boulevard of Greens! While you grab a refreshing smoothie, your good girl can enjoy a Bark Bowl with organic bananas, ice, and organic peanut butter. Handmade by an animal-loving staff!

Whether you have a rowdy good girl or a pampered good boy, there is sure to be something they will enjoy on the Boulevard! Looking to add a furry friend to your fam? Visit Metro Animals or Hollywood Feed to learn about their adoption opportunities!


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