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Neighborhood Police Officer Spotlight

Officer Carson Bell (left) and Officer Allen Pennington (right)


To all our Neighborhood Police Officers along Camp Bowie Boulevard, we appreciate you. Thank you for keeping us safe, protecting our community, and helping us through this ongoing pandemic. We know your job is not always easy, but we thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community.

We would like to take a moment to spotlight two of our local NPOs: Officer Carson Bell and Officer Allen Pennington.

When asked about the most fulfilling aspect of the job, Pennington answered: "While serving the citizens of Fort Worth for the past 11 years as a Fort Worth Police Officer, the most fulfilling aspect of my job is helping people in need. From changing a flat tire on the side of the road, to responding to a major criminal incident, to speaking at a neighborhood association meeting about crime trends, I absolutely love what I do and consider this profession to be a true calling for my brothers and sisters in blue." The one thing he would like to say to the community is, "THANK YOU! As a proud law enforcement professional, [he] would like to express [his] sincerest “thank you” to those who have unwavering support of the police and trust that we strive to do our best." We can not thank YOU enough for the impact you have made on our community. Although at times the job can be tough, his "goal is to treat everyone I come into contact with, the same way I would want my mother to be treated by law enforcement. I strive to promote kindness and respect while conducting my daily and nightly duties. In police work, going the extra mile to help is not only worth it, it is the right thing to do every time."

Officer Bell has "been with the Fort Worth Police Department for approximately 12 years." During his time with the FWPD, he has "served the community in various capacities including School Resource Unit, West 7th Bikes, and Patrol. Community outreach has been the most rewarding aspect throughout [his] career. Partnering with the citizens of Fort Worth has provided [him] opportunities to build and cultivate relationships through police work and community service, ensuring we are all working toward the same vision." He urges the community to "Get involved! Engaging with your neighbors is the most important part of creating and maintaining positive culture within your community. It fulfills civic duty while also providing the citizens a part of ownership." Bell states that one aspect he loves about being a Fort Worth Police Officer "are being helpful, always kind and strive to go above and beyond for each individual encounter I have while at work. This one interaction can either break or gain all trust within the police department, and I strive daily to make it positive!"


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