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The Ultimate Fitness Guide to Camp Bowie

As the world of fitness has changed and evolved over time, Camp Bowie businesses have kept up with the demand for healthy and active lifestyles. The variety of gyms, studios, and training facilities along The Boulevard provides the perfect opportunity for locals to experience something new, expand their horizons, and truly enjoy their workout. With many studios offering killer deals for beginners and first-timers, discover your perfect workout on The Boulevard.


Yoga has been on an upward trend due to its ability to physically, mentally, and spiritually condition your body in ways other forms of fitness don't. The styles of yoga are endless as each unique style uncovers a different aspect of the working body. The benefits of yoga can clearly be seen through increased flexibility, athletic performance, and an overall improved respiration, energy, and vitality. Catch a break from your old ways, and discover your new passion for yoga with one of Camp Bowie's yoga studios.

A Baptiste Power Vinyasa affiliate studio, Indigo Yoga offers over 50 classes each week suitable for all skill levels. First-timers are welcome to join the Indigo team for their Free First Wednesday promotion, which allows beginner yogis to try out any of their in-studio or online classes for free! For in-studio classes, preregister online prior to class or call the front desk. Online attendees can simply go to their website and follow the link to access the virtual class.

5111 Pershing Ave. | (817) 735-9642

Find your inner zen while pushing your body to the next level. Zen Hot Yoga is a Bikram yoga studio that offers a range of classes in both the traditional Bikram format as well as other heated and non-heated classes. Want to try it out? Look into their Zentro Special and get your first month for a discounted $69.

6115 Camp Bowie Blvd.︱(817) 381-8885

Barre & Pilates

Maybe yoga just isn't for you. Try out something similar with a different approach like Barre or Pilates all while still getting a full-body workout. Inspired by ballet, a Barre workout uses a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training. To bring on the burn, Barre might use hand weights in some classes for a more intense workout. Pilates can either be mat or machine-based, two separate workouts at different levels of fitness. Pilates differs in body movements and improves abdominal endurance, flexibility, and balance. No fitness background is needed for both Barre or Pilates.

Looking for a "smart" use of your time? Smart Barre gives you an efficient and upbeat workout that simultaneously strengthens and lengthens muscles. This total body workout uses concentrated movements that function as a deep sculpting tool, a ballet bar for balance, and light weights and other props that elevate the workout. Newcomers are eligible for a special rate of $100, which provides unlimited access to Smart Barre classes for their first month.

3911 Camp Bowie Blvd.︱(817) 377-0261

When you experience a Pure Barre class, you are rooted in a group of people who are not only there to perform a workout but to become the best and healthiest version of themselves. Their classes are designed to target various muscle groups using small and precise movements while offering modifications for every body type and skill set. Get started today with their Free Foundations Intro Class!

3400 W 7th St.︱(817) 999-9127

This unique Pilates-inspired fitness bar uses a quick burst of high-intensity efforts combined with the traditional use of reformer equipment to boost results. Classes are limited to 12 participants in order to provide quality guidance and instruction, and this workout burns stored-fat, builds core strength, and elongates muscles to leave you toned and lean. Set the bar high and try your first class for the low price of $18!

3232 W 7th St.︱(817) 862-9550

Located in the heart of the cultural district, the Pilates Concept works to develop deep muscles and transform your body from the inside out. Their practice creates longer, leaner muscles, improves postural issues, increases core strength, stability, and peripheral mobility. Check out their new client special and get one introductory private lesson and two group classes for $65.

4201 Camp Bowie Blvd Suite C︱(817) 763-9889

Equipped with professional Pilates equipment, the Pilates Center offers you a peaceful and inviting place to experience Pilates. The studio offers a complete mind and body approach to exercise and wellbeing. The Pilates Center can cater to customers of all skill levels, including those experiencing back pain or soreness as well as postpartum training. Interested in trying it out? Newcomers can book an introductory small group class for only $15, so grab a group of friends and dive into the realm of Pilates.

6320 Camp Bowie Blvd.︱(817) 737-2673

H.I.I.T. & Specialty Fitness Training

Ready to HIT the gym? High-intensity interval training can be used to lose fat, and to stay lean and conditioned while adding muscle, or to improve aerobic endurance. There typically tends to be a work-to-rest ratio during a H.I.I.T workout. The work-to-rest ratio can vary from 1:1 (for example, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) to 1:4 or more. Despite how long you take a rest, the goal of a H.I.I.T workout is to give every interval your everything. H.I.I.T can take the form of a lot of different workouts, as long as an internal based time frame is built into it. Cardio, bike, and weights are all used in H.I.I.T workouts.

This boutique cycling and H.I.I.T. studio is a Fort Worth favorite designed to make cardio fun all while strengthening your mind and body. Riders pedal to the beat of the music and experience a full-body workout and leave the studio both accomplished and a little sweaty! Your first ZYN Ride and THE22 class is free, so be ready to show up, move your body, and enjoy the ride.

3236 W 7th St.(817) 778-4133

Located in Ridglea, KickHouse Fort Worth is a workout experience unlike anything else on The Boulevard. This modern kickboxing studio inspires its members to kickstart their fitness journeys and prioritize their health both in and out of the studio. Try your first class for free, and if you buy a pair of gloves from the studio, get a free week of membership courtesy of the KickHouse team!

6333 Camp Bowie Blvd. Suite 245︱(817) 735-8899

If you're looking for specialized training programs, try out the Brick Gym. Try a free week trial and get the VIP experience in a welcoming environment guided by the incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Whether you're looking for a personal trainer or to challenge yourself in a Bootcamp or CrossFit training, the Brick Gym is suited for all ages looking to improve their health, bodies, and performance. Plus they offer free childcare!

6775 Camp Bowie Blvd.︱(817) 296- 1796

Get your heart rate up with a killer workout at Orangetheory Fitness. As a leading high-intensity interval training gym nationwide, their group classes combine cardio and strength training that target five heart rate zones that tell you when to push harder or pull back for recovery. Want t see what the craze is all about? Try your first class for free and arrive 15 minutes early for additional instruction and a studio tour.

6201 Sunset Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76116︱(682) 200-6320

The Outdoors of Camp Bowie

Fitness doesn't have to be excruciatingly hard. Sometimes a simple bike ride is a perfect answer after a long day. Take a ride down The Boulevard and enjoy the historic corridor that Camp Bowie continues to show off. You can even pack a picnic and stop by one of the five unique pocket parks scattered along The Boulevard. Don't have a bike? That's okay! Bike share across Cowtown with BCycle. Stop by one BCycle's Camp Bowie locations and check out the perfect bike for your ride. Download their free app first to find the nearest location to you.


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