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9 Most Instagrammable Spots in Camp Bowie

Social media is here to stay and so is the desire for one's feed to look aesthetically pleasing. From selfies to boomerangs, to the traditional way of posting the highlight of your weekend, places all over the world are becoming deemed as the "most Instagrammable." What picture will get the most attention? What picture will be the most colorful and appeal most to the senses? Check out 9 unique spots on the Boulevard that will help you rake in the likes.

1. Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Situated near West 7th, Blue Sushi Sake Grill is sure to catch your eye with a variety of colorful rolls and fun cocktails. The bar is surrounded by exotic fish bowls and big TV screens, some playing the latest sports games and others playing eccentric magic shows. Be sure to go with a big group because the more rolls you order, the more likely they will put all the food in a giant sushi boat! While the sushi boat promises the perfect photo op, Blue Sushi offers a variety of vegetarian and meat-based dishes as well, promising to please all kinds of people.

2. Archie's Gardenland

Looking to acquire a green thumb? Archie's is the place for you! Since 1934, Archie's has provided Fort Worth residents with the highest quality plants, garden art, outdoor furniture, etc. to build the most picture-perfect garden. Not only does Archie's have some great photo ops with the hundreds of plants in-house, and it also brings in a food truck every Saturday so people can grab a bite to eat while browsing.

3. Righteous Foods

Are you a fan of Sunday Brunch? Righteous Foods has you covered with their healthy twist on some fan favorites. From burritos to acai bowls and even fajita platters, the restaurant has something for everyone to eat clean without even realizing it. Ask to be seated on the patio and try one of their house-made kombuchas while taking in all the greenery surrounding each table.

4. Kokitos

If you have a sweet tooth head on over to Kokitos for fruity desserts and ice cream with a Mexican twist. Based on the numerous snack stands in Mexico, Kokitos gives those on the Boulevard a unique flavor experience by mixing Mexican classics like chamoy and conchas with beloved ice cream flavors and fruit bowls. The presentations of the desserts are for sure photo-worthy with candy, marshmallows, and little umbrellas on top, making each dessert big enough to share. If you are more a savory person, Kokitos also has a selection of Mexican chips with corn and cheese to keep you satisfied.

5. Earth Fountain Park

There are numerous "pocket parks" located all over Camp Bowie for you to enjoy a little piece of nature & a quick photo for Instagram. Located on Camp Bowie Boulevard, a peaceful oasis awaits at the Earth Fountain Park. This nine-foot orb is carved from granite by Austin-based artist Philippe Klinefelter. The sculpture, a Fort Worth Public Art project, is located in a traffic triangle know as Byers Green on Camp Bowie Boulevard at Eldridge Street. Carved out of a single, 30-ton block of Texas Sunset Red granite — the same granite used in the Tarrant County Courthouse — the sculpture echoes the color of the Thurber bricks used to pave Camp Bowie Boulevard.

6. Curly's Frozen Custard

For a more classic take on ice cream, Curly's is your best bet for a customizable treat. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or this month's seasonal flavor of pumpkin with every candy topping you could ever dream of. Load up your custard high with toppings and take a selfie with it in front of the new custard mural. Bring your friends, and get a group shot!

7. Dolly Parton Mural at The Market at Ridglea

Visit this Country music icon at The Market at Ridglea! This brand new mural is filled with vibrant colors that are perfect for any eye-catching Insta shot. After you get the perfect pic with Dolly, make sure to shop around this eclectic boutique for a new accessory. After all, you need to have a unique style if you're going to be standing next to this sparkly star!

8. Lazy Daisy Coffee Bar

Looking for a cozy coffee shop to grab the perfect photo of a Cappuccino with a bit of modern aesthetics in the background? Look no further than Lazy Daisy Coffee Bar. If you're looking for something different, try the Honey Bee. The Honey Bee is their signature latte with house-made honey syrup and warming spices. You can always grab your order on the go, but Lazy Daisy Coffee also has a great environment with space to come in with your drink and pastry and get some work done (or work on your Instagram feed!).

9. The Kimbell Art Museum

The Kimbell Art Museum's 1972 building, designed by Louis I. Kahn, is widely regarded as one of the outstanding architectural achievements of the modern era. Kahn designed a building in which “light is the theme.” Natural light enters through narrow plexiglass skylights along the top of cycloid barrel vaults and is diffused by wing-shaped pierced-aluminum reflectors that hang below, giving a silvery gleam to the smooth concrete of the vault surfaces and providing a perfect, subtly fluctuating illumination for the works of art. The Kimbell Art Museum is the perfect place to bring a friend or family member for an ideal photo shoot. Don't miss out on this Instagrammable opportunity, you won't ever see anything else like it!

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