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Gardening Tips From Archie's Gardenland

Camp Bowie District is here to make sure your beautiful plants are getting the right amount of love! Randall Archie, a 4th generation owner of Archie's Gardenland, tells all about the gardening myths that his customers could fall prey to. Let's make sure your garden isn't one of them! Check out the videos below to see what you could be doing to improve your plants, overwatering tips, and proper plant hydration criteria for your Boulevard blooms at this time of year!

Tip #1: Plant Hydration

Tip #2: Gardening Myths

Tip #3: Summer Planting

Visit Archie's Gardenland at 6700 Z Boaz Pl, Fort Worth, TX 76116.

Hours: Monday- Saturday 9 AM- 6 PM, Sunday 10 AM- 6 PM


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