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Memorial Day With a View

Camp Bowie District holds a number of small pocket parks, but perhaps the most historic of the parks is the one honoring the soldiers of WWI & WWII who once trained and served in Camp Bowie prior to the end of the military camp. Veterans Memorial Park sits on the former location of the headquarters of the 36th Infantry Division of the Army’s Camp Bowie.

The Duty Memorial honors those who fought in World War I, and it depicts a soldier caring a fellow wounded soldier. Commissioned with seed money by the World War I Veterans Association, the Duty Memorial recognizes and honors all soldiers for their bravery and sacrifice. All the memorials at the park recognize service in a different way, however, each of them carries a strong reverence for sacrifice and dedication.

Enjoy a short walk with a historic view along The Boulevard at Veteran's Memorial Park, while we remember those who fought for us to be the land of the brave and the home of the free. Happy Memorial Day!

Veterans Park is located at 4120 Camp Bowie Blvd.


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